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Introducing our new FREESIZE35 supersize range of
clothes and knickers for Extra Plus Size people weighing 30 stone+ (190 kilo+)



bariatric panties 100% cotton 8xl to 10xl

Cotton knickers
8XL 9XL & 10XL

large hospital gown

Unisex Disposable hospital gown



underskirt for bariatric

waist slip


Pantyhose for very big women
with 90" hips



bariatric ware for womenEconomy Bundle


Freesize35 Range - weight approx 35 stones / 220 kilo and more
Freesize knickers in very large sizes
Bariatric clothing range - Lounger
The Bariatric clothing range - night dress
Plus Size Range - weight up to approx 35 stones/ 220 kilo
9xl panties for extra plus size women
bariatric short legged knickers Bariatric long legged knickers
100% cotton lounger in Freesize35 for bariatrics
trousers from Freesize35 Bariatric range
Bariatric nightdress
Xtra plus size pantyhose
bariatric hospital gown
bariatric size waist slip
Leggings from The Bariatric Shop
Emergency bariatric clothes pack
Extra plus size mens boxers to fit 40 stones
Pop Socks and Knee His in plus sizes
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A message from Dianne at the Big Bloomers warehouse

Dianne Mannering director The Big Bloomers

When we started The Big Bloomers Company in the spring of 2007 it was never our intention to make Bariatric clothing – indeed, neither my daughter Laura, nor I had ever heard of the word bariatric….. but then, back on 2007, unless you were ‘in the industry’ most people had not come across the term.  We are now all familiar with bariatric beds, bariatric hospital wards, bariatric surgery (tummy tucks, banding, stomach stapling).

The need for a modest range of essential clothes of an indeterminately large size for people who literally had nothing to wear became apparent by 2010.  Over the previous few years we had been approached by hospital almoners, matrons, ward sisters and nurses to see if we could send them something to fit patients who had been admitted wrapped in towels, tablecloths or with two sheets safety pinned together at the shoulders.  We couldn’t help, there was simply nothing large enough in our range which, at that time stopped at an 8XL (UK36/38)

Eventually, Brenda Flanagan found our website and after a lot of cajoling, she reluctantly told me that she weighed about 42 stones. Although thiss was well outside aything we'd tackled previously,  I said that we would make a lounger for her, but only if she could give me her hip measurement as I had absolutely no idea whatsoever how big this garment was going to have to be. Brenda, again after a great deal of reluctance, allowed one of her carers to measure her hips etc and that’s how the Freesize35 range of clothing started.  Brenda was thrilled with the lounger and is trying hard to persuade us to introduce another colour as she is feeling restricted with the limited choice of only black or cerise.

Bariatric clothes from The Bariatric

Brenda Flanagan
UK's biggest woman is from Chester-le-Street, County Durham. Brenda helped design our
Freesize35 range for Bariatrics

Photo by Barcroft Media

After the lounger came the Maxi knickers in 9XL & 10XL then came the trousers which are now available in three leg lengths..  Lastly, we introduced the nightie which is more or less the lounger in a lighter fabric (100% cotton jersey) and 4” longer.

By the way - according to Wikipedia the word bariatric has been around since 1965 and it is the definition of the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity. Presumably, the term Bariatrically Disabled will creep into the medical jargon anytime now-:)









Emergency Bariatric clothing pack

Emergency pack

large robe

Freesize35 extra large knickers


extra large tights Cotton nightie

Bariatric Trousers

Casual trousers


bariatric lounger



This website introduces our new FREESIZE35 supersize range
Clothes and knickers for Extra Plus Size ladies weighing 30 stone+ (190 kilo+)